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What our participants are saying:

“I’ve been enjoying these classes you’re teaching. They’re really honest, informative, contemporary…and the pacing and amount of material is perfect.”

~ Brandon, Washington, DC

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“I’ve taken several of Amanda’s classes in beginning personal finance prinicples, and they’ve all been very informative. She tends to be very in tune with “real” people, especially anyone in their 20′s and early 30′s who aren’t familiar with the financial world in general and aren’t making six figures. Her back and forth approach with students/clients (in my case, usually a group of about six or so, but she does one-on-one work also) is very conversationally oriented. She relates on an informal level while keeping hard data around to make a point when it is necessary. Based on her training, I’ve been able to keep a better hold of my financial issues, and would definitely consult with her in the future if I needed more specific planning.”

~ Eric, Washington, DC

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“Amanda held a series of personal finance workshops at our office. I am very glad I attended! I consider myself a financially (fairly) savvy person, but she has a great way of offering a bigger and more long-term picture. And in a way that is neither jargon-related nor plain frightening. I came out of her sessions with solid goals, strategies, and solutions for a more secure financial future.”

~ Sohini, Falls Church, VA

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“Hey Mandy. I just wanted to take a moment to personally thank you again for all your work in helping and advising those of us learning and working with our personal finances. My wife and I took your advice and decided to open up a Roth (we went with a Vanguard target retirement fund).

I’m certain that you’re helping many many people get educated about finances and helping them through tough decisions. Ultimately the work you’re doing is going to spread out into other areas by allowing us to do more with our money and help other people out as well.

So I hope you’re able to continue in pursuing this passion of yours and once again, thank you so very much for all your efforts!”

~ Mike, Memphis, TN

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