Large Group Classes

Working with Large Groups

Our Large Group classes, while not as interactive as the Small Group classes, provide excellent financial information in a fun, engaging atmosphere. Perfect for businesses and associations who want to educate the masses, our Large Group classes are economical and customizable.

As a business owner or group leader, it is in your best interest to have the best educated, most financially stable membership that you can. Financial problems impact all aspects of a person’s life, not just the personal ones. Money issues are a leading cause of divorce and can cause stress and illness which can all lead to time out of work, decreased productivity and other performance issues. With the Personal Finance 101 Large Group classes, you can offer your members the gift of financial education.

Custom designed to meet the needs of your membership, our financial education training is available for anything from 1-2 hour classes to full-day seminars, depending on the needs of your organization.

Please contact Personal Finance 101 to learn how we can help you give your members a gift that they will use for a lifetime.


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